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Wow.  What a show today.  Still can’t believe this was my final day on the air.  Not sure I could of closed it out any better way then having some of my best people in radio ever by my side in studio.

While in this business you absolutely never say never, it is highly likely that this was my last radio show.  I’ve spent a lot of time this week reflecting about the past 12 years on air in Terre Haute and all of the people I encountered along the way.  From the absolute best listeners ever, A to D list celebrities, great teachers, and great co-workers.  I can’t believe how fortunate I’ve been to be able to do something I love so much for 12 years in my hometown.

There are so many people I need to thank before I type any more:

Mr. Mike Dason-  I would have never, ever done any broadcasting work if it wasn’t for Mr. Dason at Terre Haute North High School.  He taught us so much and went way out of his way to create opportunities for us to learn and develop skills in radio and television.  I learned more in his Technology classes than any Social Studies, English, or Math class.

Aaron Green-  Aaron came to talk to Mr. Dason’s class at the beginning of my senior year at North High School in 2000.  He was looking for interns for his new show on “Z107.5”.  He gave me a shot, and taught me a lot while I was getting my feet wet.

Dave Kirsch-  Dave was the General Manager at WZZQ.  After some staff changes, Dave took a chance on me as a high school senior to help program a 50,000 watt FM station.  While I had no clue what I was doing, I worked as hard as I could, and somehow we were 2nd in the market in 12+ ratings before the stations went dark.

Bill Cain-  After WZZQ was closed, Bill gave me a shot on Y-96 (95.9 FM).  Bill and Bob Swanson spent a lot of time airchecking me and giving advice on how to improve on air.  I can listen to old tapes of shows from back then and be totally embarrassed about how I sounded, but they stuck with me and made me into a polished jock.

Danny Wayne-  I have probably spent more time talking radio with Danny Wayne than anyone else.  Danny and I covered the Colts for 7 seasons, and made 2 trips with the Colts to Super Bowls in Miami.  Danny is one of the most talented guys I’ve ever worked with.  Truly a legend.

Chad Edwards-  In 2005, Chad moved me from Y-96 to nights on 100.7 Mix FM.  Chad knew this had been a dream job for me and helped it come true.

Jamie Dawson-  After Chad got a promotion, one of my best friends Jamie D became my boss.  He had so many great ideas and being a former night jock himself, was able to give me great tips on how to improve.  Jamie helped myself and Jules so much at WBOW as well as volunteering to be our voice guy.

Rayne-  In December of 2010, Rayne sent me a tweet and asked if I could send him a demo.  A month later he gave me 2 shows a week on the best CHR Radio station in the state (and some say the midwest) on RadioNOW 100.9 in Indianapolis.  Rayne helped me polish my on air presentation and has always been there for advice no matter what the question I might have.

Jules-  I told Jules in August of 2011 I was thinking about quitting work at Mix-FM.  Several changes had been made, and I just wasn’t enjoying working there anymore.  Jules being the true friend she has always been set me up an interview for mornings on WBOW.  Thanks to her, I have been able to close out my radio career on an amazing station with amazing people, and do it on my terms.  Not a lot of people get to do that.

Want to thank all the true friends I’ve made and maintained great relationships over the years like Ryan “Crash” Swiger, Cat Daniels, Matt Kelly, Matt Luecking, Steve Smith, Ben Davis, Jim Osborn, Tim Shelton, Stacey Kaye, Heather L, Chuck Mason, Will The Thrill, Jodi Gilmour, Vaso Michels, Jimmie The Kidd, Joe Coad, Party Marty, Doc Long, Mikey V, Reka, Chasney, Kevin Berlen, Jerry Arnold,  the many great sales reps and office staff, and so many others I’m sure I’ve left out.

My family and long time girlfriend Pam have been so cool over the years, and I can’t thank them enough for putting up with a crazy schedule.  Radio hours are never 9-5 and they have all been so supportive and accepting of my work.

And finally, I have to thank all of the listeners.  I cannot tell you how many people have been so very kind to me over the years, there are so many great people in the Wabash Valley who have treated me far better than I ever have deserved.

Like I said at the beginning, when it comes to radio, never say never.  As of now, I’m going to go hop on a plane and enjoy a week away.  Maybe somewhere down the road I will get back into radio.   If not, I think I am okay with it.  I consider myself pretty damn blessed to get the opportunities I was given the past 12 years.  Make sure you like my page on facebook and follow me on twitter so we can still interact.

Below are just a few pictures I have from my many stops over the years.  I hope you enjoy them.

Again, thank you so very much.

Until next time,



I hope you can join me this Saturday at Walgreens at 13th & Wabash in Terre Haute for a fundraiser benefiting the American Heart Association.  For every person who comes in and gets a free blood pressure test, Walgreens will donate $1 to the American Heart Association.  The event runs from 11am-3pm, and I’m there from 11am-1pm.  Hope you can stop by!


My Office Is A Disaster

Posted: January 10, 2012 in Kyle

I guess this means I’m really busy. Or maybe I’m just really messy. You decide.


Merry Christmas From Joey-Claus

Posted: December 25, 2011 in Kyle

Merry Christmas from my dog “Joey-Claus!


Live From Lucas Oil Stadium

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Colts, Kyle
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Just a quick hello from my seats at Lucas Oil Stadium before tonight’s game between the Colts and the Houston Texans. Go Horse!

So what a weekend it was!  Let’s run it down:

1.   COLTS WIN!!!!!!!  Colts took advantage of the Titans mistakes and secured a 27-13 victory, Now 1-13 on the season.  Donald Brown led the offense as he rushed for 161 yards, and the Colts play Houston Thursday night, 8:20pm at home.  The game will be televised on the NFL Network.

Colts RB Donald Brown

2.  SYCAMORES WIN!!!!   ISU Men’s basketball team upset #25 Vanderbilt Saturday night 61-55.  Local product RJ Mahurin scored 14 points off the bench for the Sycamores.  ISU is now 8-2, and are ranked 17th in the nation in the RPI Index, a number used frequently to decide at-large teams for the NCAA tournament.  They are back at the Hulman Center Wednesday night!  Get out & support this team!!


Weekend Movies
1. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows — $40.0 mil
2. Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked — $23.5 mil
3. Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol — $13.0 mil
4. New Year’s Eve — $7.4 mil
5. The Sitter — $4.4 mil

4.  KYLE IS TERRIBLE AT WRAPPING:  I’m sure I am not alone at this, but I spent an hour on this one box:

Then I promptly went and bought gift bags for everything else.

That’s my brief recap.  Let’s have a fast week and enjoy a holiday weekend!