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So growing up my little sister was obsessed with Amy Grant.  We had a jukebox that played 45’s, and the biggest mistake ever made was when we got “Baby Baby” on a 45 and put it in the jukebox for her.  Let’s just say the record got worn out pretty fast.   Here is a trip down memory lane with the music video!


Considered by many as one of the greatest love songs from a movie soundtrack ever, this was one of the biggest songs of the late 90’s.  Armageddon was a huge movie, and this was the big song from the soundtrack.  Enjoy!

Without a doubt, my favorite part in this video is the first 5 seconds where the band is playing an air keyboard, guitar and drums.  Pretty easy to tell this classic is right from 1983.  Enjoy!



So I just played this song on the show this morning, and I realized I had never seen a music video for it…. So here you go here is some Pat Benatar to kick off your Monday!

Little do you know that our WBOW voice-guy/fill-in DJ Jamie Dawson is a HUGE Rick Springfield fan.  So in honor of Jamie D, here is “Jessie’s Girl”:

So I heard Jules play this song today, and decided it would make a great Vintage Video for the blog.

From 1997, it’s Ben Folds Five and “Brick”

How cool was this back in 1984, when all these music mega-stars got together for this charity project.

PS- Look at how young Bono looked!!! lol