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VIDEO: Coldplay “Paradise”

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Music, Video
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One of our most requested songs this past couple of weeks has been “Paradise” from Coldplay.  One would think that the video for a song called “Paradise” might be set on a nice beach with a beautiful sunset going on.

Well, not so much when it comes to this video, but it is hard to not love a guy in an elephant costume riding a unicycle.



Pretty cool video explaining why it is so hard to say goodby to one of the all-time greats in Indianapolis:

After ISU’s heartbreaking loss to Creighton Saturday afternoon, Indiana State paid tribute to their four seniors who played their final home game at the Hulman Center.  For those that might have missed it, here is a video tribute for seniors Carl Richard, Dwayne Lathan, Jordan Printy, and Myles Walker.   Pretty cool!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Video, WBOW
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Sorry I forgot your chocolate and flowers, but I did play some pretty good music for you this morning!

I know a lot of people hate Valentine’s Day, and a good majority of those people hate it because they are single.   Well ladies, if you fall into this category, our friends from have scoured the internet for some single guys that would love to have a valentine.

Now after watching those two videos, being single today doesn’t sound as bad, does it?

Happy Valentines Day!


Considered by many as one of the greatest love songs from a movie soundtrack ever, this was one of the biggest songs of the late 90’s.  Armageddon was a huge movie, and this was the big song from the soundtrack.  Enjoy!

Without a doubt, my favorite part in this video is the first 5 seconds where the band is playing an air keyboard, guitar and drums.  Pretty easy to tell this classic is right from 1983.  Enjoy!



So I just played this song on the show this morning, and I realized I had never seen a music video for it…. So here you go here is some Pat Benatar to kick off your Monday!