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Good morning!  Hope everyone had a great weekend and a fun time watching the game last night.  Terre Haute has a new world champion in New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford.  Steve had an excellent game, setting a punting record for most punts landed inside the 10 yard line in a Superbowl ever.

Here are some random stories giving Steve some nice press:

Giants Steve Weatherford gets vindication

Weatherford, Jets castoff, gets last laugh

Yahoo! Sports says Steve was one of the 5 MVP’s for the New York Giants:

Steve Weatherford, Punter, New York Giants. Hold your heads up high today, punters of America. Steve Weatherford did you proud. Weatherford punted four times on the day, and after three of them, the Patriots were started inside their own ten ‒ one was downed at the six, one was downed at the four, and Wes Welker fair caught one at the 8. Those long fields were a huge factor, especially in the first half.

Congrats to Steve, we are all so proud of you.


Madonna’s Halftime Show?  It was better than I expected.  Yes it was obvious she lip synced.  But all half time acts do.  Overall I think it was 4 out of 5 stars.

Here is a review on the show.



Here was my favorite:

Yes, I love the accent.  Props to M&M’s (I loved the debut of Ms. Brown), Acura, and Doritos as well.   Everything else was mostly blah to me.



Have a great Monday!!



Due to low visibility from fog, the following schools are on a 2-Hour Delay for today:


North Vermillion School Corp.

Rockville Community Schools

South Vermillion School Corp.

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