Russell Brand Files Divorce Papers Against Katy Perry

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Entertainment News
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Here is the latest from MSNBC:

Rumors have been swirling for some time, but the Associated Press is now reporting that comedian and actor Russell Brand and singer Katy Perry have filed for divorce.

The 36-year-old comedian told AP on Friday: “Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends.”

The couple wed Oct. 23, 2010, in a traditional Hindu ceremony near a tiger sanctuary.


I am pretty sure when they got married I said it wouldn’t last six months.  While they lasted a little more than 14 months, nobody is really surprised things didn’t work out.  To me, it is just another example of how hard it is for mega-celebrities to be able to co-exist in a relationship, let alone a marriage.

PS- Katy, if you need a hug, I am here for you.




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